Saturday, August 8, 2009

9th August, 2009

A few more photos of the house from the outside. Bricks are yet to be cleaned to remove excess mortar etc. This may also be the last weekend we are able to get inside. We are really happy with the way the bricks have turned out. They have given the exterior of the house a rustic heritage "old style" feel with the uneveness of the bricks and the texture also.

Just below is a Photoshop render I did some time ago of what I thought the house would come out like. It's getting closer to this each week.

pic1. brick step below front window before the timber cladding goes on
pic2. Section of bricks near garage
pic3. front of house
pic4. wall outside leading to front door
pic5. Alfreso at the rear
pic6. front again
pic7. How big is this block again?

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