Friday, September 18, 2009

19th September, 2009

The weekend's will be more so spent at home once we are in rather than driving all over town collecting things for the house. This morning I mowed the back yard for the second time. It took
me only 1hr 40mins this time as the grass was thinned from first go.

Friday must have been a busy day again for them..

Fireplace pretty much complete. Logs are in and the stonework hearth is all done. It looks fantastic as the hearth is about 60mm thick and plenty of room to sit that glass of port on a cold winter's night.

Goop! has been removed from windows and they have been cleaned. Shower screens are in, Speaker wiring has been plated and the water sprinklers have been installed in the back yard for the HSTP system.

Will load some pics later tonight.
18th September, 2009

Well our build has been going so amazingly fast that it has literally been
too hard to keep the blog updated constantly. So here we are a little under a month from the last post. Since then...heaps has happened... read on

We also found out today that handover will be on the 9th October with a walk through on the 1st. Yippeee

Week from 24th Aug to 28th Aug
Wet Area tiling completed, Pre Paint inside, Downpipes attached, all external field gullies, drainage points etc all attached.

Week from 1st Sep to 4th Sept
Ridge pointing on roof done, internal paint first coats, Stone bench tops in bathrooms, vanity basins in, kitchen sink in, front entrance door sent back to Corinthian to be swapped over.

Week from 7th Sep to 11th Sep
Kitchen appliances delivered and some fitted later in week, Electrical fit off, ceiling fans, network cabling, Tap fittings, baths installed, garage door in, glass splashback in, wire racking in linens etc, water tank monitoring system in.

Week from 14th Sep till today..
Mirrors installed, Pre paint outside, gas pipe work in, Gas Stove installed, hot water system connected, fireplace installed and roof insulation in.

Now some pics so far .. click pics for larger version