Friday, September 18, 2009

19th September, 2009

The weekend's will be more so spent at home once we are in rather than driving all over town collecting things for the house. This morning I mowed the back yard for the second time. It took
me only 1hr 40mins this time as the grass was thinned from first go.

Friday must have been a busy day again for them..

Fireplace pretty much complete. Logs are in and the stonework hearth is all done. It looks fantastic as the hearth is about 60mm thick and plenty of room to sit that glass of port on a cold winter's night.

Goop! has been removed from windows and they have been cleaned. Shower screens are in, Speaker wiring has been plated and the water sprinklers have been installed in the back yard for the HSTP system.

Will load some pics later tonight.
18th September, 2009

Well our build has been going so amazingly fast that it has literally been
too hard to keep the blog updated constantly. So here we are a little under a month from the last post. Since then...heaps has happened... read on

We also found out today that handover will be on the 9th October with a walk through on the 1st. Yippeee

Week from 24th Aug to 28th Aug
Wet Area tiling completed, Pre Paint inside, Downpipes attached, all external field gullies, drainage points etc all attached.

Week from 1st Sep to 4th Sept
Ridge pointing on roof done, internal paint first coats, Stone bench tops in bathrooms, vanity basins in, kitchen sink in, front entrance door sent back to Corinthian to be swapped over.

Week from 7th Sep to 11th Sep
Kitchen appliances delivered and some fitted later in week, Electrical fit off, ceiling fans, network cabling, Tap fittings, baths installed, garage door in, glass splashback in, wire racking in linens etc, water tank monitoring system in.

Week from 14th Sep till today..
Mirrors installed, Pre paint outside, gas pipe work in, Gas Stove installed, hot water system connected, fireplace installed and roof insulation in.

Now some pics so far .. click pics for larger version

Saturday, August 22, 2009

22nd August, 2009

This week appears to have been a busy one at Spring Mountain. Holes have been cut for the downlights, light points have been cut out, external downpipes are on, wet area sealing is done but even more exciting is the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry cupboards are in... yay !!

Pics of the inside are not super clear as we could not get in and had to peel the Goop! back to see inside.
pic 1. Snowdrift White kitchen
pic 2. Wenge Ensuite
pic 3. front downpipe
pic 4. Wenge Laundry
pic 5. one of the side downpipes and leafcatcher

Sunday, August 16, 2009

16th August, 2009

We are now at lock-up stage and plenty is still on the go. Since Wednesday the cladding has been completed along with the timberwork on the gables. Cornices inside are all done and the skirting and architraves and currently underway now.

The electricians are due in this week to start with the marking out of the downlights around the main rooms.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12th August, 2009

Today with the EKKA show holiday we were able to head to the house and do some work ourselves. I contacted Glen to make sure we were able to put aside the leftover bricks. We spent most of the day moving them out of the way and stacking the empty pallets at the top of the block ready for PGH to come and remove.

Today the guys were also there doing the cornices. The woodwork for the gables was being done as was the woodwork for the cladding at the front of the house.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

9th August, 2009

A few more photos of the house from the outside. Bricks are yet to be cleaned to remove excess mortar etc. This may also be the last weekend we are able to get inside. We are really happy with the way the bricks have turned out. They have given the exterior of the house a rustic heritage "old style" feel with the uneveness of the bricks and the texture also.

Just below is a Photoshop render I did some time ago of what I thought the house would come out like. It's getting closer to this each week.

pic1. brick step below front window before the timber cladding goes on
pic2. Section of bricks near garage
pic3. front of house
pic4. wall outside leading to front door
pic5. Alfreso at the rear
pic6. front again
pic7. How big is this block again?

8th August, 2009

Well another weekend arrives and we enter a new phase. The house is pretty much at lock-up stage once the door lock is put in place in the entry and the garage door.

Wall cutouts in the living room have given the living room a nice view through to the back of the block also.

And so the pictures....

pic1. feature wall corner niche
pic2. looking from kids TV room toward's front two bedrooms
pic3. study and entry way
pic4. family room looking towards living room - feature wall cutouts
pic5. feature wall cutouts in study

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5th August, 2009

Tonight another drive down to the block and amazing changes yet again. First course of brickwork is done. Termimesh external perimeter is complete. Bricking to almost one side of the home is complete and all of the gyrock is now complete also.

Photos below were taken tonight. Not a real lot of light around :)

pic1. looking from kitchen out to dining, family and alfresco
pic2. looking in towards living room with feature wall cutouts
pic3. looking from main bedroom into ensuite
pic4. bricking of the front western corner bedroom
pic5. first brick course, with termimesh in place and wall insulation
pic6. first brick course and termimesh on main bedroom sliding door

Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd August, 2009

Tonight I headed down to the house again to install an extra couple of bags of glasswool insulation. This time I took down our camping light, which lost power half way into my job. It's very dark out there and I had to do the remainder with a torch. :) This batch of insulation was added to the main bedroom and WIR area. Now all of the main rooms are now done which will help with heating and cooling the house dramatically. Gyprock is scheduled to start tomorrow with bricking on Wednesday.

The white sand has also been delivered today in readiness for the brickwork. Damp proof membrane and galintel's were also now on site.

Also met our neighbour tonight on lot 1024 who now has a frame. Exciting for them also!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2nd August, 2009

External Wall wrap foil has pretty much all been done now. Of surprise was the fact one of the front bedroom's had fat batts insulation in the walls, so I decided to head to Bunnings and buy some extra bags and do some extra rooms myself. Hope this is okay! Really only had the weekend to do it as gyprock is there and mention of it starting Monday.

All of the electrical has been run.

pic1. House from front with some pallets of bricks ready to go.
pic2. Living room and family room windows and now external wall insulation.
pic3. Bedroom 3 with glasswool fat batts
pic4. Family room with glasswool fat batts. Opening is for the fireplace
pic5. Living room cabling. Speaker, Quad power, Foxtel, FTA and Dual Data network points
pic6. All TV/Foxtel/Telephone and Data cabling terminates in the store room.

House is coming along really well and we are very happy with the progress and finish of the home.

Friday, July 31, 2009

1st August, 2009

Our sliding doors and windows are all in place. Most of the windows are awning and will have flyscreens from the inside. The sliding doors in the dining room and main bedroom are stackers.
The windows have GOOP! on them at the moment to protect from scratches etc. This made it tricky taking photos inside as the sun magnified plenty inside.

31st July, 2009

Gyprock and cornices have turned up on site. Plumbing fit off is now all in place. External garden taps are on and working. Water even tastes good.

pic1. Water pipes running through roof space
pic2. Ensuite plumbing
pic3. Main bathroom plumbing
pic4. Cold water outlet for possible ice maker in fridge
pic5. drain vent pipe exiting through roof from laundry
pic6. laundry plumbing tap fitoffs