Friday, September 18, 2009

19th September, 2009

The weekend's will be more so spent at home once we are in rather than driving all over town collecting things for the house. This morning I mowed the back yard for the second time. It took
me only 1hr 40mins this time as the grass was thinned from first go.

Friday must have been a busy day again for them..

Fireplace pretty much complete. Logs are in and the stonework hearth is all done. It looks fantastic as the hearth is about 60mm thick and plenty of room to sit that glass of port on a cold winter's night.

Goop! has been removed from windows and they have been cleaned. Shower screens are in, Speaker wiring has been plated and the water sprinklers have been installed in the back yard for the HSTP system.

Will load some pics later tonight.


  1. Hi, i think your bricks are GORGEOUS!!! We are going with PGH bricks and i would love some sandstone ones but they are going to be too expensive :(

    I also like your internal colour scheme - we are going for something similar.

    I Guess you are probably in your house by now. Enjoy your lovely new house on that massive block :)

  2. We also love the brickwork. As specialist Torquay, Exeter and Devon Builders we recognize that the brickwork is literally the building block upon which the stability of the entire construction will have to depend for m,any years to come. You made the perfect choice to ensure that your house remains stable well into the future.